Recruitment Services Overview

Bridge the Brains (BTB) delivers state-of-the-art recruitment services to its clients. Our approach is new and tailored to the modern enterprise competing in a rapidly evolving economic, cultural and technological environment. Our services are geared towards giving our clients competitive advantage in hiring and managing talent.

Our Specialties

IT Recruitment

Whether you are a small or a large company, Bridge the Brains (BTB) can supply you the best IT talent available. Our capability extends to all IT roles, all levels of seniority, all platforms and technologies and all industries requiring IT talent. We systematically keep ourselves up-to-date with market and technology trends and are in a position to advise our clients about their IT and talent strategies. Having in-house IT skills enables us to thoroughly test candidates and screen the the best before presenting them to our clients.

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Start-Up Recruitment

Being a modern technology-enabled start-up ourselves, we clearly understand the needs of others. Through our expertise and experience we help our start-up clients create world-class teams. In addition to providing resources, we help our clients build a strong employer brand, attract great talent even when they are small and relatively unknown, deal with situations where required talent is not available in the Indian market and help create/negotiate not only salary-driven but also equity and commission based pay packages.

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Top Management Recruitment

Bridge the Brains provides its clients access to a worldwide network of highest quality leadership talent comprising Indian residents, NRIs and citizens of virtually all countries. Our network includes professionals trained at world's best universities and working at top companies. Their skills cover all business functions and industries. This network along with BTB's recruitment and business expertise helps clients build leadership teams that enable them to gain a competitive edge not only in India but at the world level.

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