Specialist IT Recruitment

Whether you are a small or a large company, Bridge the Brains (BTB) can supply you the best IT talent available. Our capability extends to all IT roles, all levels of seniority, all platforms and technologies and all industries requiring IT talent. We systematically keep ourselves up-to-date with market and technology trends and are in a position to advise our clients about their IT and talent strategies. Having in-house IT skills enables us to thoroughly test candidates and screen the the best before presenting them to our clients.

Technical Screening Conducted By Experts

In the internet-age, every job opening invites numerous applications and resumes don't present a true picture of candidates' skills, making high quality screening the key to efficient and successful recruitment. BTB is a technology-enabled recruitment and training company. Our internal resources include strong IT and business skills. We leverage these skills in our candidate screening process, making the process rigorous and capable of accurately predicting candidates' job performance. We conduct multiple rounds of tests and interviews containing problems that closely resemble those that will actually need to be solved during the job.

Market-Exhaustive Candidate Searching

Our recruitment processes are designed not just to provide our clients a few good candidates but to scan the entire market and select the best available candidates based on job requirements and compensation offered. We target not only candidates active in the job market but also systematically approach those with relevant skills who are not actively looking for a job. We conduct an exhaustive search for every job opening we work on, without exception.

Fast And Flexible Service

Strong understanding of IT and business enables BTB consultants to work with minimal paperwork and bureaucratic overhead. We heavily use technology internally to make the recruitment process fast and effective and provide our consultants unparalleled freedom in tailoring the recruitment process to individual clients and job openings.