Specialist Top Management Recruitment

Bridge the Brains provides its clients access to a worldwide network of highest quality leadership talent comprising Indian residents, NRIs and citizens of virtually all countries. Our network includes professionals trained at world's best universities and working at top companies. Their skills cover all business functions and industries. This network along with BTB's recruitment and business expertise helps clients build leadership teams that enable them to gain a competitive edge not only in India but at the world level.

Outstanding Network Of Indian And International Talent

Bridge the Brains brings to its clients an unparalleled network of candidates trained at the best universities and business schools and working with the best companies throughout the world. Whether our clients are looking for leadership, engineering or other business talent, whether they are looking to hire from within India or internationally, Bridge the Brains is capable of finding the best available talent in the world at lighting speed.

Recruitment Consultants Who Really Understand Your Business And Requirements

We hire and train the best recruitment consultants who not only are experts in recruitment but also have wide knowledge of multiple business domains. They have degrees from some the best universities and have worked in high profile roles in India and internationally. In addition, they are backed by IT and business specialists. Together we are capable of fully understanding clients' business and hiring requirements. While traditional recruitment companies depend upon certain keywords within job descriptions provided by clients, recruiters at BTB use their knowledge to help clients write effective job adverts and screen the most suitable candidates.

Multiple Assessment Methods And Interview Types

BTB consultants are skilled in all types of interview and assessment methods including online tests, telephone screening, technical interviews, functional interviews, case interviews, psychometric assessments, competency-based interviews, portfolio-based interviews, experience interviews etc. We not only use the most suitable methods during the screening process but also advise our clients on how they can assess a candidate's skills most effectively.